There is no established address yet  because no one has ever live there but the location is exact .
feel free to look it up on maps online Or Come and see it for yourself ,in person .

On the Map pictured Bob-o-Link is the side street closest to the F in the name Flamingo you see on the map in picture #2

This is the double corner lot located at the corner of Flamingo Drive & Bob-O-Link street 

Located 2 minutes drive from the lake - Lake Livingston in Livingston ,Texas some still call this area Blanchard ,but Blanchard is just an area of Livingston ,Texas

Located about 20 minutes drive from downtown Livingston Texas

Houston  is about 2 hours drive from here 

Livingston is a nice friendly  town and the land i'm selling here  is in a nice quiet residential neighborhood , A Subdivision called Lake Shore 2.

if you like the sounds of birds, during the day & tree-frogs, crickets at night?
you will like it here.

I am the owner of the land listed for sale here , it is mine. 
Technically it is considered 2 lots of land , but they are connected side by side 

This is an empty double corner lot of land Total size 110 Feet x 110 Feet total 

land is 110 feet deep and 110 feet across other than grass growing in it & 3 trees at the back edge, it is an empty double corner lot of land 

Again this is a nice friendly ,Quiet Subdivision & there are No Home Owners Associations No HOAs to annoy you here.
No Criminals or Bigots