Nevada 40.28 acre Ranch Land: LOT 13, in Section 27, Tract 30 North, Range 30 East.

EVERYONE is APPROVED for financing.  No credit check.  No application.  Automatically financed at only $198 per month. 

May use Land while paying for it!  Enjoy the land!

This LOT borders and connects to over 1000 acres of BLM land.  Each of the two sides of this nicely shaped LOT connects to over 500 acres of BLM Land.

This is the LAST LOT I have available in this Section.  (See Section Map.)

This property is a Section Corner which is a desirable location in the Section since it connects to BLM Land on two sides.


BUY-IT-NOW Includes Automatic Financing at only $198 per month.  All paid in 9 years.  Interest 8.5%.

No prepayment penalty, so if you want to pay more and pay it off faster you save, all of course up to the Buyer.

After Buy-It-Now is clicked, a one time document fee of $290 is due. 

One month later payments of only $198 begin and continue until paid.

Deed will be recorded in Pershing County, Nevada and and mailed to Buyer when payments complete.

Name or Names on Deed will be as the Buyer wishes.  Deed can be a single person, two people, a couple, a husband and wife, multiple people, a business, a trust, etc. 

Seller will pay the costs for Deed preparation, County transfer tax and County Recording fee.  Land is owned free and clear and all property taxes are paid up to date.  


Nevada Ranch Land to own forever in North Western Nevada near the city of Lovelock, near Rye Patch reservoir which has water sports.  In area of Nevada near Pyramid Lake and Burning Man.

Amazing views and quiet, serene, peaceful nights with beautiful stars. Viewing is excellent because you are up over 4000 feet and away from pollution. The sky can be very clear at night allowing for incredible views of Stars and Planets. 

Title will be conveyed by Grant Deed. 

No balloon payments.  No penalty for prepayment. 

Land is Surveyed and Staked which adds thousands of dollars of value to the Parcel.

Stunning views of mountains and surrounding area.   


Property Description:

LOT 13 in Section 27, Tract 30 North, Range 30 East. In Pershing County, Nevada. Size 40.28 Acres.



Approximately 4500' ELEVATION

No HOA duesNo time limit to use.

Only 13 percent of Nevada can be owned by individuals, the rest is owned by government.  Here is 40.28 acres that can be owned in North-Western Nevada with a survey, with corners staked, near the city of Lovelock, and near a beautiful water resource…Rye-Patch Reservoir.

I have a 100 percent Seller rating because I deliver.


Common questions:

Tell me about utilities and zoning?

This is an ‘Off The Grid’ property, meaning no built in utilities.

For Utilities consider the following:

Electricity: Solar is an option to consider because this area has tremendous solar energy available.  A generator is of course another option.  Solar has become very inexpensive to purchase.  It is hard to beat free energy!  40 acres receives much more energy from the sun than is commonly realized.

Water: A well is an option to consider.  A relatively inexpensive solar system could power a well with no subsequent cost for water.  Usually a well is approved for over 600,000 Gallons per year.  That is a lot of water.  All at no cost for the water once well placed.  I have spoken to a Nevada geologist and he stated that North Western Nevada has a very large and significant underground water table.

Sewer: A septic system is an option to consider.  There is so much land for placement of leach fields.  Once placed the system is very low maintenance and virtually cost free.

Zoning: Coded by County as ‘100’ which is - Vacant - Unknown/Other.


Contact me with any questions, zed111 (at gmail), 805-477-0186

Steps to buy are simple:

(1)       Click ‘Buy-It-Now’, and make payment of $290 document fee within 48 hours (Paypal OK.)

(2)     One month later $198 is due and continues monthly until paid off.

(3)     When payments completed, Recorded Deed will be mailed to Buyer.

Very easy to own this beautiful and serene 40.28 acre LOT near Rye Patch Reservoir. 


Buyer to make their own determination of boundaries, access, zoning, land use, easements, suitability for their intended use, etc.  Property sold “as-is”, “where-is”, without any warranties.   All payments are final and not refundable.  Seller reserves right to remove from market for prior sale at any time.